My story, Everytown Adventures, South Carolina, will appear in the Darkwater Syndicate anthology, Postcards From The Void


From the Publisher's Website:

25 authors, 25 horror tales. Featuring Guy N. Smith, Adam Millard, Nicholas Paschall, Ramiro Perez de Pereda, and more!

The places in this book are shunned, abandoned and forgotten. They do not exist, and yet here you will find the stories of people who have gone and survived to tell their tales, complete with photographs. These are the postcards from the void, frightful evidence of places that should not be, and yet exist in our nightmares. Should you dare to venture into these blighted places, remember: don't talk to strangers; don't stray far from home; and never, ever go in alone."

More information including purchase options and release date coming soon!