I am currently seeking representation for my first novel, Lunatic.

Sarah Scordato tells herself that they’re hallucinations. The claws that prick the inside of her skin, the disembodied howls that reverberate around her skull, the cracking of her bones as they twist and slide out of place under her muscles… they can’t be real. After all, werewolves only exist in horror movies and Halloween stores. And childhood imaginary friends don't just reappear. How could Sarah be anything but crazy when Emery shows up in her life after fifteen years?  
She keeps him at a distance, wary of him and the answers he claims to provide. But when a local thug turns up dead and Sarah wakes covered in his blood, she is forced to trust Emery, the only person with a solution. They find themselves thrust in the middle of scheming wolves, a pack struggle for power, and bloodthirsty hunters with a chilling plan to eradicate the monsters that infest the city. All the while, Sarah must find the difference between what is just in her head and what can get her killed.